The three main elements on a google results page include:

  1. Shopping ads
  2. Text ads
  3. Organic results

Text Ads

The general process is:

  1. An advertiser bids on keywords with the amount they are willing to pay for a user to click an ad
  2. The engine ranks advertisers based on their bid and relevance to the search (Ad Rank)
  3. The best matching ad appears alongside the user’s search results

Ad Rank

Ad Rank is a rating system generated by Google. Ads with the highest Ad Rank get the most desirable placements on the page. The main elements that contribute to Ad Rank are:

  1. Google’s secret sauce
  2. Keyword Score – how well the text of your ad matches the search keywords
  3. The estimated measure of how well your website gives users who click your ads a valuable experience
  4. The likelihood that your ad will get clicked
  5. The bid amount and the ad format

Ad Format

Headline can be 60 characters and the description can be 80 characters. Add in two url paths and multiple ad extensions and you can have a lot of information in one google ad.



Text ad extensions are a great way to share callouts, additional seller information (location and telephone numbers), and even direct links to relevant search-related site pages.

The following extensions are currently available. There is no limit on the number you use but use only what is relevant to your add to preserve your Ad Rank:

  • Sitelink extension
  • Callout extension
  • Structured snippet extension
  • Call extension
  • Message extension
  • Location extension
  • Affiliate location extension
  • Price extension
  • App extension
  • Review extension
  • Promotion extension


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