Emma Kingston

KDM has been in operation since 2001, always serving small business. I like to believe that its success is a result of loyalty to clients and a sincere belief in the old values of putting the customer first and being dependable. I’m only as good as my word and only as successful as my last referral.

I’m a old-school web developer – I started in the mid 1990s in my university computer lab, and worked my way through the big Bay Area companies. Having said that, WordPress has become a favorite tool of mine. I love how we can move beyond heavy coding and spend the time working with clients on refining their messages instead. And then we hand the client a website he or she has the power to change and update.


  • I’m from Dublin, Ireland and have lived there, Mountain View, CA and London, England and now live in Phoenix, Dublin and the south of France – the ultimate snowbird experience.
  • I ride horses, play tennis, hike and scuba dive in my spare time. Diving is a new passion for me and I’m loving the challenge.
  • I have two kids – both teenagers- and lots of grey hair!  Each child has a dog. Our daughter’s dog is cute, fluffy, wears pink and is called Diamond. Our son’s dog is a holy terror and knocks over everyone and everything in the house. Gender stereotypes are alive and well in our canine population.
  • I know almost nothing about pop music but am a season ticket holder to the Phoenix Symphony