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SSL and GDPR compliance $600 only $399!

Two technical areas of website compliance – the webmaster’s equivalent of giving socks as a gift.

For WordPress or SquareSpace websites up to 30 pages

New and existing clients are welcome

Offer expires 12/31/2018


SSL: Switch your website from HTTP:// to HTTPS:// and lose that “Not Secure” warning.

GDPR: Do you use cookies? Is there a chance that someone in Europe might visit your website? If so, you need to clearly announce your cookie policy or risk a fine. (Yes, even if you are the USA and not actively marketing to Europeans).

Both these adjustments are necessary in their own right but also because Google is starting to ding websites that do not have them. For more on this, read about SSL and GDPR SEO implications.

Fine Print

This offer does not include the creation of a privacy policy. For that, please consult your business attorney or ask me for references to policy generator websites.

This offer does includes a 1 year SSL Certificate